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Urban Apothecary - Lethbridge, Alberta
Welcome to Urban Apothecary!
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With over 100 dried herbs, flowers, fruits, mushrooms, powders and teas in store to chose from, there's something for everyone.


We strongly believe in the "Farm to Table" philosophy; which is why we set-up our Urban farm right here in the city! Our goal is to provide you with the freshest microgreens, directly from our farm to your table.


Our microgreens are locally grown here in beautiful, sunny Lethbridge. Buy with confidence knowing that you're supporting a local businesses.


We are 100% organic. We only use the highest quality mushroom grain spawn available. This ensures that our mushrooms are grown consistently each and every flush.


Blog posts

  • The Benefits of LIVER CLEANSING

    The Benefits of LIVER CLEANSING

    "The liver deserves its own book, and it would be an honour to be able to write it one day. But for now we’re only going to go over some of the terms and the basics of its functioning and that are particularly important for knowing how to detox your liver properly.
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  • Those greens are rabbit food!

    Those greens are rabbit food!

    Those greens are rabbit food! We've been selling our microgreens at the local outdoor market every weekend and, without fail, there is always someone who looks over at our table and says,"That's rabbit food, I don't eat rabbit food!" It...

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