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Feral Fungi

Feral Fungi

Feral Fungi offers some of the highest quality mushroom extracts available. Unlike other mushroom supplements, Feral Fungi extracts are processed in the United States using only fruiting body material that has been grown and harvested in North America.

Feral Fungi Spagyric Tinctures are the result of the application of AlcheMycology: looking at fungi through the lens of traditional Alchemy, using the spagyric process to prepare powerful single extracts and formulas.

All of our tinctures are dual extracted from the fruiting body of fungi cultivated and wild harvested primarily in the Pacific Northwest and include the purified mineral salts from the mushroom to produce a uniquely holistic extract.

All of our mushrooms are sourced in North America. Our commitment to sustainable ethics and materials is unmatched by any other mushroom company on the market. We don't settle on the quality and source of our raw materials, because the final product matters to us, and it matters to you.

Our tinctures can be used as daily tonics to support the body’s intrinsic function in moderate doses (1-3ml) and to support the body and physiological system through chronic conditions in high doses (3-9ml). These extracts can also be effective for energetic alignment in low doses (0.25-0.5ml).