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Mineral Waters

Mineral Waters

Water is life. We’ve all heard this phrase, but what exactly does it mean?

Quite simply it means that water is essential to life because all life forms depend on it. It is the most abundant compound found in all organisms. Life on earth simply cannot survive without it. It is our most precious natural resource by far.

Knowing what we know about water, and just how important it is to our survival and our overall wellbeing, shouldn’t we be consuming the best water possible? It’s time we started looking at water like it’s medicine. Why you may ask? Because every time you ingest something you are either doing one of two things; you’re healing yourself or harming yourself.

We all know what’s in our tap water, and the reasons why that may not be our best option for maintaining optimal health. That’s why we are pleased to bring in some of the highest quality mineral waters on the planet. Just unboxed the first of three varieties that we are bringing into the store. You may recognize this water from the Netflix documentary Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

*please note - due to the fragile nature of these bottles, we only offer these in store and unfortunately cannot ship them*