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Chlorophyll Water® Drops: SUPER CONCENTRATE (120 servings)

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Chlorophyll Water® Drops: SUPER CONCENTRATE

Liquid Chlorophyll is fortified with:

+ Vitamin A
+ Vitamin B12
+ Vitamin C
+ Vitamin D3

+ Electrolytes
+ Potassium
+ Sea Trace Minerals


Liquid Chlorophyll is a refreshing introduction to the many benefits of Chlorophyll. These chlorophyll drops are fortified with the added health benefits of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, the pH balancing power of electrolytes, the body-regulating (producing positively charged ions) benefits of potassium and the antioxidant capability of sea trace minerals for maximum hydration and performance. 4 oz (120 Servings) in glass bottle with CleanFlake Label Technology.

Made in United States of America