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Urban Apothecary - Lethbridge, Alberta
Welcome to Urban Apothecary!

Lion's Mane (355ml)


The focused one

Real lion's mane, botanical juniper and refreshing sumac.

Raise your mental stamina and feel the moment.

What Makes Us Special?

Made with real Lion’s Mane. Our drinks are all crafted in small batches with real functional and adaptogenic botanicals. 

No Sugar, No Sweeteners, Keto-Friendly

We're relying on the brightness of our natural ingredients to deliver amazing flavours.

Amazing Flavours From Real Ingredients

Our drinks taste amazing, flavoured with berries and botanicals native to Canada's boreal forests.

100% Plant Based

We do not use any animal or animal-derived ingredients in our drinks, making them vegan friendly.

Size per can: 355ml ​

INGREDIENTS: Water, Sumac Distillate, Lion's Mane, Juniper Distillate, Orange Peel Distillate, Tannins from Grape Skins.